Turnbull Hydroelectric Project – Fairfield, MT

Selway Corporation is a major supplier of components to the growing “small hydro” industry in North America. The Turnbull Hydroelectric Project is a small hydro project that utilizes the infrastructure of an existing irrigation district to generate 13 MW of clean, renewable energy.

Selway fabricated 3200’ of 9’ diameter penstock for the Turnbull Hydroelectric Project, and we transported the piping to the jobsite in 80’ cans. Selway also provided miters, reducers, vent stacks, and draft tubes.

Our vertically-integrated operation includes 13 steel detailers and 3 full-time AWS certified weld inspectors. Maintaining these capabilities in-house enables us to efficiently manage every phase of the manufacturing process … resulting in shorter fabrication times and cost savings to the owner.

  • Selway supplied 3200’ of 9’ diameter penstock
  • The Turnbull draft tubes were quickly fabricated and installed